How to replace a ring doorbell that won’t ring anymore

When I first started working at my local salon, I was thrilled with the salon’s brand of natural-sounding, comfortable, natural-feeling natural-looking rings.Then, as I grew older, I began to notice that the rings themselves didn’t fit the aesthetic.I noticed that the bands were too short, too wide, and that the ring door was too shallow […]

How to buy wedding rings

The perfect ring for the perfect wedding, these wedding engagement rings are made with quality and craftsmanship.The perfect piece of jewelry for the bride or groom, they are made of sterling silver, gold and platinum.We have been told that these rings will last for up to a decade, and they are priced at just $100.These […]

A ‘bargain wedding’ wedding set rings for the price of a diamond

A wedding set ring that’s a bargain, if you’re looking for something a bit more extravagant, could be just what you’re after.The diamond-shaped ring, which sells for $200, is the result of a collaboration between bridal company The Bouquet and the Australian designer of the Bouquet set rings.The set ring comes in two styles: the […]

How to Make the Best Moonstone Ring in the World

How to make the best moonstone rings in the world.Read moreWhat you’ll need:Glass to make a lunar ring, a lunar glass jar, a piece of moonstone, a screwdriver and a sharp object (sharpened scissors, nail clippers, etc.)This is what you’ll be doing.1.Make a lunar jar2.Cut the moonstone into 2″ diameter strips (about a dime sized […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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