When police officers turn away from the public and take selfies with their phones, they are risking their own safety

The Al Jazeera journalists covering the unrest in Egypt say that the police have become a source of anxiety and fear among ordinary Egyptians.In some cases, police have taken selfies with phones, and some have posted them on social media sites to attract the attention of other officers.In recent weeks, more than 20 policemen have […]

Which black onyx ring would you buy?

The black onys ring is not exactly black, but it is an interesting, affordable option for those looking for something unique and affordable.Weighing in at $99, this ring is available in multiple sizes, and the designs are always interesting.The Ring is available on Amazon for $99.00, with options to buy a different ring with the […]

Why the diamond ring is the most expensive jewelry in the world

A new report says that diamonds are the most valuable jewelry in our world.That’s according to a study released today by the London-based consultancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, which has been working with the industry to come up with the figure.The firm’s report, which was compiled by Pricewaterhouses calculations of the world’s jewelry, shows that the world […]

Which actor is best looking in the ringer film, The Avengers?

4.20pm ET A new trailer for The Avengers opens this morning, but this time we’re focusing on some of the more memorable scenes from the film.The trailer opens with Thor in his throne room, with an army of Avengers surrounding him.The trailers first appearance is when Ultron attacks and tries to destroy the Avengers Tower.He […]

‘A beautiful ring’ of diamonds from the ‘Ring of Destiny’

The ring of the future has finally arrived in India, with the announcement that the country has the world’s largest supply of gemstones.According to Indian media, the diamond ring is the “Ringing of Destiny”, and the ring is currently being sold at a price of Rs 2,100 per ring.The ring has been developed by Indian […]

The first real ring in the world: JAMES AVERY RINGS

This article first appeared on BBC Sport.James Avery, from Surrey, started making rings from scratch in his kitchen in 2008.He has been making them since 2012 and has sold more than 3,000 rings in the past 12 months.Mr Avery’s father, Robert, who was a dentist, died when James was just 15.He moved to the UK […]

When I met my husband: My marriage was doomed

When I was a teenager, I married a man I met through my boyfriend.I was the only person of my age in my family to marry.The wedding took place in an apartment complex in a middle class suburb of Delhi, surrounded by the luxury of modernism.When I got married, my friends and I were told […]

When you get a diamond ring, the real story behind the ring is the diamonds

It was the fall of 2015, and I had just graduated from a master’s program at MIT with a major in finance and a master in business administration.The next year, I’d be on my way to a job with a large consulting firm, where I’d spend a lot of time reading and talking about how […]

Johnnie Ringo: “I’m a boy”

This is the first time the Beatles’ legendary singer-songwriter has been interviewed in an article.Johnnie Ringolz is known as the “King of Swing”, which he uses as a descriptor for his music.His first solo album, 1963’s Swingin’ at the Top, was one of the most successful of all time.The band also produced some of the […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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