My job is to look after my children.

If they are sick, I can’t go out.

So, at least in this country, if I need help, I call the NHS.

Theresa May has promised that Britain will keep its border with the EU as it is, but for now, I think the UK’s membership of the single market means I can have no say over what Britain does with its borders.

I can only be a part of the European Union if the EU agrees to a deal that gives me some control over my own destiny.

I have always felt like a Briton first, but I was born in Scotland and the first country I knew was in England.

I had been living in England for almost my whole life, so I was familiar with the country’s history.

I was a British citizen when I was eight, but my mother and father were British citizens.

I didn’t know much about my homeland at the time, but at least I had my own home.

It was just as much a part and parcel of my childhood as the castle or the streets I saw on the way to school.

I went to school in London, which was one of the most deprived parts of the country.

There was a lot of segregation and it was pretty much impossible to be a decent citizen there, so my first memory of being able to leave was of my mum going out with me to get something from the chemist.

We’d come home from school and I’d said goodbye to her.

When I was 13, my mum died of cancer.

She had breast cancer.

When I was 14, she died of pancreatic cancer.

I was devastated.

I went home, but only because I had nowhere to go.

I had to go to my grandparents’ house.

It wasn’t that I was in despair, but the fact that it was my own house that was being destroyed.

I knew I wanted to come back, but there were no jobs or decent accommodation available.

My mother, who had a PhD, told me there were two options.

The first was to go back to Scotland and live in a tent.

That was the most extreme option, but it would have meant leaving my family behind, which I didn’t want to do.

The second option was to stay in England, and live there.

That would mean living in a big flat and working as a carer, but that would mean leaving my children behind, too.

The fact that my mum’s cancer had spread to her liver was an even bigger shock.

I told my parents I wasn’t going to live with them in Scotland, so they were devastated.

My dad took me to a specialist and they said they could save my mum.

There was no way we could leave Scotland, and we were living in the biggest, worst-affected part of England.

We were told it was impossible to come to an agreement with the Scottish Government.

They said we had to move to Edinburgh.

My parents had a feeling that they were on the brink of losing everything, but they were determined to come anyway.

We moved in with my mum, but after a few months I began to worry about whether my family would be able to afford the new house.

I couldn’t afford it myself, so we bought a £400,000 house in Edinburgh and started working.

My first job was as a lorry driver, and it felt really good.

The money I made from it was enough to get by for a while, but then, as we began to move house and work, we realised that it didn’t pay enough to support us.

I started to notice that my parents were living on the lowest rung of the ladder of Scottish life.

I felt like they were working on the bottom rung.

My sister, who was 13 at the same time, and I started getting involved with some of the other teenagers in the area.

My sisters had just started school and were very poor.

They weren’t working, but we were working hard and taking care of our families.

My sisters were the only ones in our family who were earning enough to live on, so it was easy to get on the ladder.

But we also realised that I didn.

My parents were not getting the support they needed.

I found it very hard to understand why they weren’t doing more to support them.

My mum had a lot to say about it.

She said that I should have just moved away and gone to a country where I could be a better parent.

She also said that she couldn’t do anything about my sister’s cancer, and that she had no idea how much support I was getting.

But we were so grateful that we’d been given the chance to leave, and even more grateful that I had the chance.

At the end of the year, my dad was killed by a man he’d just met, so all my siblings and I were forced to leave the house and move to a new place in Edinburgh.

My mother came back from the new

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