Why Jared and Ivanka have the rings they want: An exclusive look at the jewellery of the pair

Jared and his wife, Ivanka, are the only two billionaires who don’t own a house in their home state of New York.But they are also the only couple who can afford to rent out their mansion in Manhattan, where they live with their two young daughters. Jared and Ivanka Trump have an extravagant lifestyle, but they […]

How to replace a ring doorbell that won’t ring anymore

When I first started working at my local salon, I was thrilled with the salon’s brand of natural-sounding, comfortable, natural-feeling natural-looking rings.Then, as I grew older, I began to notice that the rings themselves didn’t fit the aesthetic.I noticed that the bands were too short, too wide, and that the ring door was too shallow […]

What you need to know about black rings in your wedding ring

You’ve just received your engagement ring.You’re ready to tie it.But you’re worried about the ring getting caught in the wrong pocket.The solution is not to replace the rings, it’s to wear black rings.A new research paper in the journal PLoS ONE by researchers at the University of Warwick and the University at Albany in New […]

How to buy a new ring from the Amazon: how to spot the genuine

The following article was written by football player and author of The Ultimate Journey.It is published here under a Creative Commons licence.Find more great articles like this here.How to buy an authentic ring from Amazon.com The Amazon rings you’ve been looking for are the real deal.That’s because Amazon doesn’t just carry the same rings you’re […]

When the Olympics comes to the States: Olympic gold medal winner says he’s going to make it to the Games

The Olympics are here and the United States has a great tradition of hosting them, but many Americans aren’t sure how to get in.As of Friday, it was unclear if any of the athletes who have won medals in the past have been able to participate, with some wondering whether they’d even be able to.“I’ve […]

Bill Russell Rings’ toilet wax rings sold online at record price

The sale of toilet wax rings to the highest bidder has reached a record price, with an online auction site for the items selling for more than $5,000 each.The auction site is run by the company behind the Russelts’ Toilet Wax Rings, an Australian-themed jewellery line which has sold more than 1.5 million toilet wax […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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