An urban legend about a ring-tailed salamander that can be seen around the world says it can help find lost pets, but this wild animal’s habitat and population have declined dramatically over the past 10 years.

The story is not true, according to a new study led by an international team of scientists that has published their findings online.

The ring-tail lemur has a unique ecological niche, with its home range spanning the globe, said co-author Chris Jones, a biologist at the University of Auckland, New Zealand.

It’s known as a pest, because of its ability to survive in the environment where other animals, such as rabbits, mice and rats, can’t, Jones said.

Its distinctive ring-shaped head can be mistaken for a tail, and its ears are also often mistaken for antennae, he said.

It is considered to be a major threat to marine wildlife in the South Pacific and to the native marine life, and the ring-tails are also seen in New Zealand, Australia and the United States.

Ring-tailed marbled lemurs live in the rainforests of central Asia, but are found worldwide, mostly in the tropics.

They are the most common species in the wild and are known to be active from mid-June to October.

Ringtail lemures have a distinct ring-like head and are distinctive in appearance.

They’re considered to have a pest status in Australia and New Zealand and are considered to pose a significant threat to many native animals.

Ringtails have been introduced to New Zealand through a captive breeding program and can now be found in a number of countries.

The ring-tailed lemure population is estimated to be in the region of 20,000, with a high proportion of individuals being females.

Ringtailed lemur populations are considered threatened globally, due to the fact that they are the first of their kind to be introduced into Australia, Jones explained.

“Ringtails can live up to 20 years, and have been seen to live up in the tropical rainforets,” he said, “and they have been found to live in urban areas as well as remote areas.”

Ringtail and ringtail lemmurs can mate and produce up to 50 eggs each year.

But as populations decline, they can be found to be unable to reproduce, Jones noted.

“Their numbers have declined quite dramatically over time, and this may be due to climate change and predation by cats and dogs,” he added.

“While the ringtail is known to feed on other animals like cats and rabbits, ringtails are thought to be more efficient predators of small animals like the ringtails.”

Jones and colleagues have studied ringtails in New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania, and found that ringtails can survive in their home ranges.

The study found that the ringtailed lemma population declined by more than 90% from 2005 to 2020.

While the research team did not see the decline in ringtails from ring-tip to ring-tips, Jones and his colleagues did see a decline in the number of breeding sites in New England, particularly in the North Island.

Ring tail lemura are the largest of all ring-necked mammals, measuring nearly a meter (3.5 feet) long and weighing up to 6.5 kilograms (15 pounds).

The species is also considered endangered.

They were found in Tasmania, New England and Victoria and are now considered vulnerable in most areas of the world.

Ring tailed salamanders are the smallest of the ringtailed mammals, weighing about a gram (0.3 ounces).

The ringtail has been used as a model species to study animal behaviour and behaviour in other animals for more than 70 years, according a 2007 study in the Journal of Zoology.

Ringtailed salamsander have a long history of being hunted for their rings, which they use to capture food.

They can be as small as a gram and as big as a foot.

The head is often smaller than the body, and some have been mistaken for ear tips.

They live in tropical rainforest, where they are known as ringtails, and are found across Asia, the Pacific and Australia.

Ring tails can grow to more than 6 meters (23 feet) in length and are also found in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New York, the U.S., Europe and South America.

The research team is currently investigating the ring tail lemur’s natural history and populations.

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