How to make the best moonstone rings in the world.

Read moreWhat you’ll need:Glass to make a lunar ring, a lunar glass jar, a piece of moonstone, a screwdriver and a sharp object (sharpened scissors, nail clippers, etc.)

This is what you’ll be doing.1.

Make a lunar jar2.

Cut the moonstone into 2″ diameter strips (about a dime sized piece)3.

Fill a bowl with sand, water and a teaspoon of boiling water4.

Let sit for about 10 minutes5.

Put the strip of moonstones into the sand, pour the water and sand mixture over it, shake it and add some more water6.

Let the mixture soak for about 30 minutes and you should see the strips of moon stones start to turn pink (you’ll see that it has a pink hue)7.

Fill the bowl with a third of the water, the other third is the moonstones soaking liquid, and add a third more water8.

Let soak for 10 minutes and add the remaining water to the bowl9.

Let this soak for another 10 minutes, and when the moon stones turn to purple, add another third of water and stir it all together10.

The mixture should be thick and creamy, you’ll see a very thick consistency, and the mixture will start to bubble with bubbles11.

Add more water and the bubbles will subside12.

The moonstones should start to dissolve in the water.

If it bubbles, don’t worry, it’s done!13.

Let it cool completely for 10-15 minutes.14.

Take your moonstones and place them on a plate in your kitchen to dry them for at least 5 minutes, but don’t leave them too long, they should dry completely.15.

Put them in a glass jar with a small hole cut through it.16.

Place your lunar glass, screwdriver, nail tool and a few fingers into the jar.17.

Leave it to sit for a couple hours and you’ll get the best result possible.

You’ll want to keep the jar in the fridge for up to two weeks, so it will stay fresh and delicious.18.

Cut a ring out of moon stone with a moonstone jar19.

Cut an emerald ring from moon stone and cut a ring from emerald stone20.

Cut some rings out of the lunar glass and place on your ring table21.

Take some moonstone glass and a piece with a hole cut in it and put it in a jar, place it in your ring room and put a few nails in the hole22.

Cut out some emerald rings from moonstone and place in a small jar23.

Cut your lunar ring out and cut out your emerald circle, add the moon stone rings to the jar24.

Place the jar over your moonstone circles25.

Add some water and let it sit for 15 minutes26.

Take the jar out and put the moon rock and emerald rock pieces in it27.

Put some moon stones and the emerald stones in the jar28.

Fill with the water from the jar and stir the mixture together29.

Put it in the oven and bake it for about 5 minutes30.

Let your rings cool and enjoy!

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