By Steve Benen The ring box is not fake, according to a fake nose rings website, but the ring holder is.

Fake nose ring owner Dan Gorman is selling fake nose-ring fake rings, claiming to have bought them at a store for $2,500.

Gorman told BuzzFeed News that he was approached by a customer in November about the fake ring.

He claimed the customer was a woman and was wearing a fake necklace with a fake gold chain on it, as well as fake eyeliner and fake mascara.

Gorman said he bought the rings for $1,500 and had them shipped to him.

The rings are not fake at all, he told BuzzFeed.

“This is the real deal, this is real jewelry.

This is a real ring,” Gorman told Buzzfeed News.

But fake ring buyer Brian Sibley also told BuzzFeed he was contacted by someone who had bought fake rings for a different client.

Sibley told BuzzFeed that he bought fake nose beads at a pawn shop in Los Angeles and then shipped them to him in New York City, and they were delivered to him a week later.

He also bought fake earrings, fake earbuds and earrings for a woman who was in New Zealand, he said.

He also told Buzzfot that he had contacted the US Postal Service to get the ring-box back, and that he would be contacting the US government to get it back.

Beads are fake, earrings are fake and rings are fake.

Gomerson told BuzzFeed his rings were made by a company called Ritz Jewelry in Georgia.

A company called Dandy Jewelry, which specializes in rings, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

As BuzzFeed News reported in January, there are a number of other ring hoaxes, with fake noses and fake earring sellers selling fake rings and earbud rings.

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