The most popular gaming app on Android has a ring fit feature that allows users to customize the ring size to suit their playstyle.

Now, the feature is finally coming to iOS with the release of Ring Fit, a free app for iOS that lets you customize the shape of your ring and size.

Ring Fit is the brainchild of a team of developers and developers, including Android Games Studio founder and co-founder Alex Rios, who were inspired to make the app after working on a ring fitting game called The Ring Fit Challenge.

Rios said the app was inspired by an app that he made in his free time, The Ring Game, which lets players customize a ring to fit their play style.

In Ring Fit’s world, you have to play the game to get the ring fit, but once you’ve finished, you get to use the ring as a trophy, which you can take home for bragging rights.

“Ring Fit has been the most fun I’ve had making a ring game, but we had to make it a bit more challenging to achieve that, too,” Rios told Polygon.

“We needed a bit of challenge for the ring, and we had no idea how many rings we’d need.”

Rios and his colleagues wanted a ring that could accommodate both the standard and large ring sizes, and the ring fitting features work through the camera system in Ring Fit.

You can see the ring in action in the video above.

Rios said that in order to achieve the ring fits, the app had to be very accurate, because the camera will track the ring and the wearer’s ring.

In order to get that accurate ring fit for a ring size that is not common for the general population, the ring must be as small as possible.

Ring Fit takes advantage of that to have the ring be at the smallest possible ring size.

In the video below, Rios shows off the ring that he used in his game, showing that the ring is almost exactly the same as the standard size ring.

Rio said that he wanted Ring Fit to have some fun with ring fitting, because he wanted it to be accessible for both casual and hardcore players alike.

“I wanted the ring to be fun, but I also wanted it be accessible to everyone,” he said.

“It had to fit everyone’s finger and not be too small.”

Ring Fit has two ring sizes to choose from: Small, which is the standard ring size for a normal finger, and Medium, which for people with larger rings like a ring larger than a normal ring size will allow for a more challenging ring fit.

“People with larger ring sizes might want to get a larger ring to match their ring,” Rias said.

Ring Size Ring Fit is available for free on the App Store for both Android and iOS.

Ring Size also offers Ring Fit Challenges for more challenging games, and there are also challenges for Ring Fit that are available for a limited time.

Ring Fits will be free to download on the Google Play Store and Google Play Music app for a few days, but you can start playing now if you want.

Ring Fits is available now on the Apple App Store and iPhone App Store.

You’ll have to pay for Ring Fittings in order for them to show up in the App store and iTunes Store.

RingFit is available on the iPhone and iPad.

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