A ring for a woman is cheaper and more durable than a ring for men, but it takes longer to make and wears out faster, says a survey.

The results of the Women’s Rings Survey 2017-2018 indicate that women’s ringmaking is a niche business, with a high percentage of women opting to buy a ring made for a particular function, and not for a specific age group, or for a different purpose altogether.

The study of 1,000 women, aged between 18 and 44, was conducted by Cartier, a world leader in jewelry, and conducted in partnership with CVS and the University of British Columbia.

The survey asked women, both married and single, to rate their preference for the rings they wear.

Women aged 18-44 were asked whether they prefer to wear rings made for their specific functions, like jewelry for weddings, or the rings for their primary purpose, like wedding rings for children.

The answers showed that a majority of women favoured to buy rings made to meet their specific needs, with only 3% preferring a ring with a single function, while 11% preferred a ring that was made to suit the primary purpose.

This is a trend that has been noted in previous surveys, such as a 2016 survey conducted by the Canadian Ring Association.

The Women’s Ring Survey 2016-2017 asked the same questions.

The results of this survey showed that women prefer to buy ring made to be worn on their finger.

However, there were many more women who preferred rings made with a different function.

The survey found that around 35% of women preferred rings with a ring on the ring finger, while 22% preferred rings on the middle finger, and only 10% preferred the ring on both sides.

Women preferred rings that were made to fit a specific function, like their wedding ring, to a ring worn on the fingers, and a ring meant for other purposes, like a wedding ring.

Women are also more likely to prefer rings made of platinum, which is usually a stronger material than gold, than those made of gold.

Women are also less likely to want rings made in a particular color, or to buy jewelry with designs on the outside of the ring.

A recent survey by the Ring Association showed that around 90% of respondents were interested in purchasing a ring in a different color.

This trend was reflected in the study of the 2017-18 survey.

Around 58% of the women surveyed preferred rings in different colors, and around 33% preferred ring made in platinum.

The majority of the respondents in the survey said that they did not know what ring colors they preferred.

However it was found that women were more likely than men to buy their rings in a combination of white and gold, as well as in a mix of blue and gold.

These findings are the first to show that the cost of a wedding wedding ring has increased.

The average cost of purchasing a wedding band has increased by $6,600 in the last decade, according to the US-based Ring Association’s 2017-19 survey.

A study by the Institute for Justice found that in 2016-17, the average cost for a wedding gift rose by $1,300, and that the average amount of money paid for a ring rose by nearly $1.50, as the gap between the average wedding gift and the cost for rings grew.

This increase in wedding ring costs is largely due to the growth of social media.

A study by The New York Times found that social media has grown to become a $7.6 trillion industry, and now accounts for about one-fifth of the total revenue of all the media companies in the world.

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