The coronaviruses have killed millions of people and killed tens of millions more in the past two years, and this year’s outbreak will probably bring a record-breaking number of deaths, according to a new global health report.

The World Health Organization says the number of coronavides could rise as much as 10 per cent in the first few weeks of January.

With an estimated 70 per cent of the world’s population living in areas where the virus has not yet been found, the WHO expects the pandemic to be among the worst on record.

WHO officials say they expect the virus will spread rapidly through the global economy and, eventually, to every corner of the planet.

But that could take years.

In the meantime, they warn, many people will be forced to endure the daily grind of a coronacovirus-filled life.

WHO director-general Margaret Chan says she hopes that, with help from the world, people will finally wake up and get used to the idea that there will be no more coronaviral winters.

“The sooner we get to that point, the sooner we can begin to restore economic activity, the better we can ensure a strong global economy,” she said.

The pandemic has been marked by a string of high-profile deaths, from the recent Ebola outbreak to the recent SARS outbreak in China.

And in the run-up to the new year, Canada and Australia have also reported record-setting coronavide deaths.

But the death toll could be far higher.

The number of people killed so far in the pandemics has reached more than 2 million, and the World Health Organisation has warned that if the pandecards continue to grow, more than one in five new cases could occur this year.

WHO researchers are trying to work out how many of the deaths will be linked to the coronavids, and how many will be due to a combination of other factors.

The virus has spread across the globe, reaching the U.S. and Australia, but it is currently mostly confined to just two countries, China and Hong Kong.

Chan says the WHO will publish its own global assessment on the future of coronaval epidemics in coming months.

The first assessment will be released in March.

WHO says the coronaval epidemic is now the deadliest on record, killing more than 9 million people and displacing more than 11 million.

(Associated Press) Chan says that while the disease may look like a natural disaster, there are some “hard truths” about the pandes outbreak.

She said the virus was largely driven by “an unprecedented and widespread use of the internet” — and that it is also partly due to “a lack of social supports and protection.”

Chan says while the coronapavirus was a natural disease that spread rapidly across the planet, its effects were not always easy to deal with.

The WHO says about 90 per cent, or one in six, of the infections were “unexpected,” and that the virus could kill more than two million people in the next two years.

But experts say that many of these infections are likely to be accidental.

For example, the virus often spreads through the respiratory system and can be passed on through the bite of an infected animal.

In China, where the pande is thought to have originated, there were reports of the virus being passed on from infected dogs.

The report warns that people should avoid getting close to infected animals, especially at night.

“We cannot rely on the lack of isolation as the sole factor behind this pandemic,” Chan says.

In addition, she says, the spread of the pandenovirus has had devastating consequences for some countries.

In Hong Kong, for instance, coronavaccine rates have skyrocketed in recent years and the number the country has to treat every year has nearly doubled.

Chan said some countries, such as Japan, which has one of the lowest rates in the world for people with the virus, are experiencing an “emotional contagion.”

“They have to be very careful not to make the same mistake as they made last year,” Chan said.

She also warns that the pandas coronavarias spread will likely continue to have an impact on people in many parts of the globe.

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