When Tom Brady became the world’s most valuable football player in 2009, he took a leap that many thought was impossible.

But Brady’s rise to fame was also one of the most bizarre in the history of the sport.

A star, a star, and then a star again In 2009, Brady, now 26, was playing for the New England Patriots, the team he helped lead to the NFL’s first Super Bowl title.

He was also a member of the NFL Players Association.

Brady was in the middle of a major contract dispute with the Patriots and was under contract for five more years, but his contract included a clause that allowed him to wear the ring he had been given for $1 million by the Patriots.

In September, the contract was extended for another five years, and Brady signed a new contract.

In July, the new deal was extended again for another year, and in August, the deal was renewed again for an additional three years.

At the end of the first year, he was wearing the ring.

It was worth an estimated $100 million.

By the end the second year, it was worth $250 million.

He had earned $300 million, and the ring had become his “most valuable asset.”

He was still on the clock, but Brady’s contract was coming to an end.

“He could go back to his hometown of Buffalo or go to his parents house in Buffalo,” said his agent, Michael Bidens.

“Tom has been the star player of this franchise, and he’s done a great job in that role.

Brady did not make the playoffs the next year. “

We would like to see Tom take his talents and talents away from this organization, and I think that’s exactly what he’s going to do.”

Brady did not make the playoffs the next year.

His new deal included an additional $300,000 a year to cover any salary that had been paid to the Patriots over the past five years.

“I had a lot of money,” Brady said in August of 2010.

“That’s why I wanted it extended.”

And he got it extended.

“You don’t have to know me personally, but I’m a pretty hard-working guy, too,” he said.

“And when you’re a star player and you make money, it’s very difficult to keep it away from you.”

And then it became something of a national joke.

“This is a little bit of a joke,” said the New York Times reporter who first broke the story of the ring in 2009.

“The NFL is in the business of getting you to wear that ring.

And you don’t want to lose the ring.”

Brady, who had never worn a ring before, was wearing it to a Super Bowl in Miami.

His agent, Joe Lockhart, said the ring was worth more than $250,000.

Brady’s story was just one in a long list of outlandish claims made about his personal life.

“If you look at the ring, you’re like, what is that?” he said in 2010.

He added, “If it’s real, you would think that I would wear a ring every day.”

“I know people would like it, but that’s not the way I feel about it,” he added.

“It’s just the way it is.”

The rings of stars are not for sale, but they are for sale at auction The ring that Brady had been wearing for five years was the most valuable ring ever owned by an NFL player, according to the Associated Press.

The ring is currently on display in the office of the New Jersey-based auction house Christie’s, which also sells the rings of the stars that were worn by Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

“There is no way you could sell that ring,” Christie’s sales director, Scott Wilson, said.

He also said it was “not a joke” to think that Brady would be “putting the ring on his finger,” when he said he did not.

“When he wears the ring and wears it in public, people think that he is doing something, but the reality is he is just wearing it for fun.”

And, he added, the ring is “not for sale.”

“There are no plans to sell the ring,” he told CNN.

“They’re not selling it for money.

It’s just something he’s wearing.”

Brady’s family has long owned the ring but it has never been auctioned off, and it has been in the family’s custody for years.

Brady has been living with his wife, Gisele Bundchen, in Florida for the past year, but it was not until the family announced in August that he would be joining them there.

“In order to protect the integrity of the auction, it is our intention to not auction the ring until it is safe to do so,” Bidens said.

But that plan could change if Brady decides to sell.

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