Amazon ring and Walmart wedding rings get a new look. 

The ring and the bracelet are a part of Amazon’s Ring of the Year and Walmart wedding ring is the most requested item for many Amazon users. 

As the retailer has been selling more and more of its ring in recent years, the price of the ring has been dropping and it’s now the third most popular ring on Amazon’s site, behind only Apple’s  Ring and Google’s Gold and Silver Ring. 

Amazon is currently offering its ring and bracelet for $10,000 in Amazon’s Amazon Gift Card program, but that price is only available to Amazon shoppers in the United States. 

Wedding rings are one of the most popular purchases for Amazon customers. 

More than a third of Amazon shoppers said they bought wedding rings at least once before, and nearly a third said they would buy more than one wedding ring in the future. 

According to the report, Amazon ring sales grew 20 percent to $1.9 billion in 2017.

Walmart wedding jewelry sales grew 6 percent to a record $3.2 billion in 2016.

Amazon has more than 40,000 wedding rings in its catalog, according to the Amazon Wedding Rings Blog. 

Walmart brides are often asked by brides about their ring sizes. 

For example, in an Amazon wedding dress, Walmart brides have the option of ordering a ring of the same size or smaller than their wedding dress size.

Walmart bridal gowns are available for a $10 discount.

In 2016, Walmart also launched the Wedding Ring App , which allows shoppers to easily check out wedding rings from the comfort of their phones, tablets, or smart watches. 

With the app, Amazon brides can track their rings and get feedback on how they are doing in the ring.

Weddings have been a major revenue driver for Walmart. 

In 2016 and 2017, Walmart reported that its retail sales grew 21.5 percent and 25.4 percent respectively, and Walmart bride sales grew 11.2 percent to nearly $3 billion. 

Despite the steep decline in the sales of rings and wedding rings for Amazon, the company said it has plans to continue its sales growth in the wedding ring market. 

“Walmart is the largest seller of wedding rings and brides,” the company’s VP of marketing, Julie DeMuth, said in a statement. 

While Amazon’s rings are not available in stores, Amazon offers a variety of rings for weddings, including the Walmart Wedding Ring of the year and the Walmart Rings of the Future. 

You can learn more about Amazon wedding rings on and

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