As you’ve probably guessed by now, we’re not the only ones who’ve seen a carousel-like effect on the Android Oreo OS.

Google has confirmed that Google’s “top-level” app icons have been changing the way they display in the OS’s notification center.

While it may sound like a subtle change, it’s been confirmed to be happening.

According to Google, these icon changes are coming in the next few weeks, which could make them feel less cluttered and less jarring to the eye.

The icons have also been updated to match the Android 4.3 launcher.

This means you’ll be able to navigate to the notification center using a single swipe from your home screen.

Google also said that the changes to the app icons are happening for Android Oreos running on Google Pixel devices, too.

You’ll see them on the Settings app, which is currently located in the bottom-right corner of your home screens.

This change is likely to affect Android Oreoms running on other devices.

For now, Google says these changes will only be visible on Pixel devices running Android Oreoes.

Android 4, the OS released earlier this year, was designed to help developers improve the look and feel of their apps.

But while Google is making an effort to make its apps look nicer on smaller devices, it may not be enough.

We haven’t seen a major overhaul to the OS yet, and while we can’t say for sure that the new icons are as nice as the ones we’re seeing on the Pixel devices we’ve been able to test them out on.

Still, it seems like Google is trying to get its app icons to look as natural and natural as possible.

In other words, these changes won’t necessarily affect the overall look and experience of Android’s notifications, which are still pretty basic.

Still to come: more updates to the Android app icons

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