Sky Sports is set to make its first foray into the ring with its hub centring rings, with the first ever ring being announced at the end of this month.

The rings will be designed to make the most of the hub space, with a wide range of colours, sizes and materials to ensure they fit perfectly into the existing ring structures of current Sky Sports subscribers.

The hub rings are being developed by the new team of engineers at Sky Sports, with former BT Sport technical director Tim Loughton taking over the reins.

The idea of the rings comes after the broadcaster spent a year developing and testing out various ring designs, including the hub-shaped ring from last year’s Sky Sports One event, which became the official hub ring.

The new rings will not only offer the best possible experience for Sky Sports viewers but will also be lighter, less bulky and with less weight.

Sky Sports has already shown off the rings in the shape of the ring that was used in the inaugural Sky Sports Four in May this year.

The Sky Sports hubs will be a limited edition offering, with no more than 5,000 rings being offered to subscribers.

If you are not already a Sky Sports subscriber, then you can still sign up here to have the rings available to you.

The first hub ring will be the ring which was used at the 2016 Sky Sports Five event.

The second ring will also see a return of the ‘Tiger’ ring which has been a staple of Sky Sports since 2007.

The third ring will see the first hub centre ring unveiled as well as a new set of three ring sizes for Sky’s existing Sky Sports Channel subscribers.

The fourth ring is set for launch at the same time as the fifth and final hub centres.

It is the first time the hub centers will be unveiled as part of Sky’s launch of a new hub system, which is set by BT Sport to begin next year.

Sky will also offer a dedicated Sky Sports Hub app for users to check in to their current Sky Sport Channel subscriptions and make sure their new Sky Sports channels are available for viewing in the new hub centres.

The launch of the Sky Sports apps will also bring Sky Sports TV channels and Sky Sports News into the hub centres, which means that the channel content will be available in the hub centre.

The hubs will also provide a unique option for Sky TV subscribers, which will allow them to access Sky Sports’ Sky Sports channel through the hub.

The Hubs will launch at a time when Sky is also offering a new package of Sky Sport channels for Sky customers.

This new package includes Sky Sports HD channels, Sky Sports 1 HD channels and channels from the Sky Movies & TV channels.

Sky has launched a new Sky Movies package for Sky subscribers in the US, the UK, Ireland and Canada, with Sky Movies offering the full Sky Movies experience in the Sky Channel, Sky Movies On Demand and Sky Movies on Demand Plus apps.

The US subscription for Sky Movies has a 30-day free trial, while Sky Movies Plus subscribers will be able to sign up for the new package with a two-year subscription.

The package includes a new subscription to Sky Movies, Sky TV, Sky Kids, Sky Go and Sky Go Premium.

Sky Movies Plus has a $7.99 monthly fee, while the US subscription costs $14.99 per month.

Sky Kids Plus has no subscription fee and the package includes six Sky Kids channels and a Sky Kids Plus Plus subscription.

Sky Go has no plans to add the new packages, but will be offering a standalone Sky Go service for those customers who are already Sky Go customers.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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