How to get a ring without the fuss

Cheap engagement rings and cheap wedding rings have been the hottest trend in recent years, with women in many countries now buying them to cover up their shame and embarrassment.But as the trend has gained traction, there are concerns over the long-term effects on women’s health.One of the most common reasons for purchasing an engagement […]

How to get a ring indoors, for $1,499

Ring outdoors camera for $499?I asked.The answer is “no”.But a ring inside a ring outdoors is possible, at least theoretically.This isn’t the only way to get your hands on a ring outside, but it’s the easiest.You need to use a ring that can fit into a ring slot inside your ring, but not a standard […]

Gucci’s Gucci Heart Ring Box and Rings – From the Collection

The Gucci heart rings are back with a new look and a new collection.We’re getting back to the heart rings that made the Gucci collection famous.They’ve returned with new styles and colors and new materials.The Guccis new heart rings have a new design, and the heart ring box looks like a giant Gucci box.We’re excited […]

Why the diamond ring is the most expensive jewelry in the world

A new report says that diamonds are the most valuable jewelry in our world.That’s according to a study released today by the London-based consultancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, which has been working with the industry to come up with the figure.The firm’s report, which was compiled by Pricewaterhouses calculations of the world’s jewelry, shows that the world […]

Which actor is best looking in the ringer film, The Avengers?

4.20pm ET A new trailer for The Avengers opens this morning, but this time we’re focusing on some of the more memorable scenes from the film.The trailer opens with Thor in his throne room, with an army of Avengers surrounding him.The trailers first appearance is when Ultron attacks and tries to destroy the Avengers Tower.He […]

‘A beautiful ring’ of diamonds from the ‘Ring of Destiny’

The ring of the future has finally arrived in India, with the announcement that the country has the world’s largest supply of gemstones.According to Indian media, the diamond ring is the “Ringing of Destiny”, and the ring is currently being sold at a price of Rs 2,100 per ring.The ring has been developed by Indian […]

How to make the perfect ring

The most expensive ring ever made has come to light, with the company behind it declaring it the most expensive ever made.The ring, made by a Japanese company, is the biggest in the world at nearly $1.8 million.The Ring of Power, a company with no official name, is not only the world’s biggest ring, it’s […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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