The Al Jazeera journalists covering the unrest in Egypt say that the police have become a source of anxiety and fear among ordinary Egyptians.

In some cases, police have taken selfies with phones, and some have posted them on social media sites to attract the attention of other officers.

In recent weeks, more than 20 policemen have been injured, according to the police.

Police officers are being criticised by civil society activists and social media users who say the images show officers ignoring the safety of others.

Many of the pictures are of police officers in public spaces, but others are in the vicinity of the main road leading to the protest encampment in Tahrir Square.

Some of the officers have been seen wearing masks.

The photos have sparked anger in social media and in some cases the police themselves have been criticised by the public.

“I’m very worried.

People are losing their minds, they don’t understand what’s going on,” Al Jazeera’s Hala Abdel Hamid told Al Jazeera.”

If people are talking about what’s happening, they should be talking about the actual people in those places, not the policemen.”

In many cases, people have posted pictures on social networking sites of police wearing masks and holding their phones to their eyes.

In a video posted on YouTube on Monday, Al Jazeera Arabic journalist Hala Abdul Hamid said police officers had appeared to ignore the safety concerns of the public when they took selfies with iPhones and tablets.

“When the police are in public places, they’re taking selfies,” she said.

“And they’re not respecting the safety and the dignity of the people.”

In the past two weeks, the number of incidents in which police officers have taken pictures of themselves in public has been increasing.

The police have also been accused of taking selfies in front of crowds of protesters.

In August, a policeman in Egypt took a selfie with a placard reading “Hamas, I love you”.

The placard read: “A friend of mine who is an Egyptian citizen died defending my country from the Israeli occupation”.

“When I’m in Tahirah Square, I see the police officers, they look like gods,” Alaa Abdel Hamad, a social media activist in Cairo, told Al-Jazeera.

“They are looking to attract public attention, but they’re just looking to be seen.”

Many of those involved in the protests have been arrested for filming the police, the use of social media to organise demonstrations and other activities.

Al Jazeera’s Mohamad Siyamah contributed to this report.

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