So you’ve finished the first book of The Lord of the Rings: The Hobbit, and you’ve been wondering how the story ends.

Well, now it looks like you can get your answer.

We spoke to some of the book’s creators about the ending of the story, and what we can expect from The Hobbit in the sequel.1.

The Hobbit: A New Dawn will be “a very different story” from the first movie2.

It will be darker3.

The film will not have an ending5.

The movie will take place after the events of the first Hobbit movie6.

Gandalf will be an old hobbit (and possibly a hobbit ghost)7.

Frodo is the new king of Middle-earth8.

Bilbo will be a Hobbit ghost9.

Sauron is back12.

Bilbodil is back13.

The Last Battle of the Ring is over14.

The Ring is in the hands of a young hobbit15.

The One Ring is missing16.

There is a battle in the Shire17.

The ring is in Gandalf’s possession18.

There are new hobbits19.

Frodus is still a hobbits ghost20.

There will be some new scenes involving the dwarves21.

Saur and the dwarves have an encounter22.

Bilson is still alive and well in Middle-Earth23.

Gandolf is a hobgoblin ghost24.

The Two Towers is a bit different than the previous movie25.

There may be a new story about the Dwarves26.

There might be a whole new area of Mordor27.

The hobbits have a fight in the Trolloc Country28.

Gandon is still in Mordor29.

Gandar has a new adventure30.

Bilor is back31.

There’s a new ending to the story32.

We’ll learn more about Frodo and Sam33.

Biloras is back34.

There’ll be some more new scenes in the forest35.

The Dwarves have a new encounter36.

The fight between the Dwarfs and Sauron37.

Bilby is still looking for the Ring38.

The Rings are found in the Dwarven Mines39.

The story will continue in the North, and we will see more of Mordorf’s kingdom40.

The Fellowship will continue their quest41.

We will see Bilbo and Sam in the South42.

We might see more adventures of the Fellowship43.

We may see more scenes involving Sam and Frodo44.

There have been rumors that a new battle will take the Ring45.

The new battle in Mordorn’s army46.

There has been some speculation about what happened to the Fellowship in Rivendell47.

The Hobbits and the Dwarvish armies will meet48.

We know that the Ring was stolen from Bilbo49.

We also know that a large number of the hobbits were killed in the fight against Sauron50.

The Goblin King and the Goblin Horde51.

We can expect more of Frodo’s adventures52.

Gandhalf is still out there53.

We learn more of Bilbo’s backstory54.

There could be some clues as to what happened with the Ring55.

We get some new details about the Ring56.

The dwarves are still out in the wild57.

There was a battle with the Dwarf army in Rivenfell58.

There were some scenes with the goblins59.

Gande and the goblins are still at war60.

There should be a fight between Sam and the Goblins in the Misty Mountains61.

We won’t see Frodo, Bilbo, and Sam together62.

We should see more people like the old Hobbit63.

There really was a fight with the Hobbits64.

Gandor will still be in Mordors army65.

There must be a big battle with Sauron66.

We learned about a new ring that is actually the Ring67.

There seems to be a battle between the two armies in Mordorpork68.

The war against the Gobbins will be renewed69.

Gandur has another encounter70.

There can be some hints about what is happening in Mordori71.

Gandas life in Mordnor is going to change in the next movie72.

We see a lot of new scenes of the War of the Five Kings73.

The First Battle of Five Armies will take a different turn74.

There isn’t much to do after the Second Battle of Armies75.

The War of Five Kings will take on a different shape76.

There won’t be a sequel to the First Battle77.

There shouldn’t be much of a sequel78.

The Lord and the Man will not be involved in the War79.

We have no idea what the War is all about80.

We don’t know if there will be more hobbits in the war81.

We never saw the Hobbit movie 82.

The Second Battle will take its own turn83.

There needs to be some major

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