Rio 2016: The Games begin today and the city will be home to some of the greatest sporting events in history.

We have got the rings to protect them, and the venues to host them.

But before you go to the rings and start watching the Games, there are some things to know about the rings, including the rings protect plan that is being used in Rio.

A ring protect scheme is a way to prevent injury to athletes during competition and the ring is the key to ensuring athletes get the best protection.

The Rings Protect Plan is designed to be flexible to suit different athletes and their demands, so it is designed for every athlete in Rio as a whole.

This is the most important aspect of the plan.

This is the plan that allows us to ensure that the athletes get best protection, that we are not over- or under-protecting our athletes.

So this is the way that we go about the ring protection, it is the one that we have designed that will ensure that our athletes get protected.

We also have the venues where we have the rings that we will be hosting and these are the venues that will be used for the Olympics and that will provide the best facilities.

So it is a plan that gives us the best opportunity to meet our athletes and to provide the right facilities to ensure our athletes are protected.

So what are the rings we will use?

Well we are using the rings from the Olympic rings programme, which is designed by the International Olympic Committee.

The rings will be produced and tested in Rio by the IOC and the International Association of Athletics Federations, as well as by some of their athletes.

They will be tested at the Rio Olympics, they will be manufactured in Rio and they will then be tested and they are tested in order to ensure they are not defective.

They are tested for a long time, they are made in Rio, they have been tested to ensure there is no contamination.

We know that there is some contamination, there is always some contamination in the rings but it is very minimal and there is absolutely no risk of injury to an athlete or a coach or a trainer.

What are the locations?

Where are the venue venues for the Games?

The venues will be selected by the Olympic Committee, the IOC, and each of the sports organisations that they work with and so we will have venues that are very similar to what we will see in Rio 2016, where they will have the same facilities as we have in Rio but they will also be a little bit different, in that they will not be used by the same athletes.

What is the ring that is used for?

The rings that are being used for Rio are the Olympic Rings Programme (ORP).

The ORP is a ring-making company based in Germany.

It is one of the main manufacturers of Olympic rings.

We have designed the rings for this year’s Games in the same way as we did in Rio for the 2014 Games.

The ORPs rings will have all the features that we would like to see in an Olympic ring, the same features, that you would want to see, including protection from the elements.

They can be worn over a long period of time and they can be stored for up to 30 years.

They have all of the protection features that you need for the Olympic Games, including ring and band protection.

What happens when the rings fail?

What happens is that the rings are designed to last for a very long time and to protect against the elements, so they will last for 30 years and then they will fail.

So that is the only thing that you can do is replace the rings every couple of years.

What will happen to the ring?

When the rings have failed, the rings will not have the protective characteristics of the rings used in the previous Games.

So the rings must be replaced and we will replace the ring every year.

What rings are there?

There are 10 rings that will go on display in the Olympic Stadium.

We will have four rings in the stadium.

Two of them will be the Olympic ring that will take part in the Games and the other two will be Olympic rings that have been certified to go on the market in Brazil.

What kind of rings will they be?

The Olympic rings will go under the Olympic Centre and then we will also have rings that can be used during the Games in other venues.

What other rings will we see?

The Rings are also used for all of our other events in Rio in other countries around the world.

We are working with other sports organisations around the globe to bring rings to Rio.

So there are 10 different rings that you will see that are going to be part of the Olympic and Paralympic Rings programme.

What’s the process?

The first ring is to be made in Germany, it will be made by a German company and they also produce the rings in Brazil and so they are also making rings for other sports in Brazil that are part of other sports programmes in other cities around the

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