The ring of the future has finally arrived in India, with the announcement that the country has the world’s largest supply of gemstones.

According to Indian media, the diamond ring is the “Ringing of Destiny”, and the ring is currently being sold at a price of Rs 2,100 per ring.

The ring has been developed by Indian jewelers, with experts from around the world taking part in the development of the ring.

It was developed by the jewelers of Kottayam, the capital of the Andhra Pradesh state, and is believed to have been produced by a British gemologist in the late 19th century.

A diamond ring of this size is quite unusual, said the official announcement, which said that the ring had been made using the “most precious metals” and that the quality of the material had been “extremely high”.

According to the announcement, the rings were made using only the finest diamonds available, with a purity of 99.9999%.

The ring is also said to have a diamond-studded “halo”, and a large ruby-stamp “mark of honour” on the front.

This mark of honour is said to be the most important part of the design.

The “Ring of Fate” was also said in the announcement to be “the perfect ring for a beautiful man or woman”.

The announcement comes just days after a man in South Korea was reportedly killed by an angry mob over his purchase of a diamond ring.

In June, a woman was also reportedly killed in a similar attack on a man after she was reportedly accused of wearing a “Ring” necklace in a shopping mall.

The BBC reported that the woman’s husband was also killed after the man refused to hand over the necklace.

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