The Democratic National Committee is preparing for another tough election cycle with a series of rallies and other events in the battleground states of Virginia, Pennsylvania and Texas, and the party is focusing on its most vulnerable members of the electorate.

The party is also targeting key Republican seats in Florida, which could decide the fate of President-elect Donald Trump’s party in the November 2018 midterms.

Democrats plan to focus on Virginia, the state where former President George W. Bush lost to Republican candidate Ralph Northam in a close race in 2020.

Democrats are looking to counter Republican efforts to use the Electoral College to ensure a Republican wins the White House.

Trump won the state by nearly three million votes.

Trump has called for overturning the results of the election, but he hasn’t made any firm plans to do so.

Instead, he is likely to focus his efforts on the 2018 midterm elections, when Democrats are hoping to retain control of the House of Representatives.

Trump and his allies have already said he will be the first sitting president to leave office in 2020 without winning the Electoral Vote, a feat that would give him a two-term presidency.

Democrats plan on doing the same thing.

Democrats in Florida are also planning to focus their campaign on the state’s vulnerable Republican members of Congress, including Reps.

Patrick Murphy and Martha McSally.

They are aiming to keep their seats in the House in the midterms, and their efforts could ultimately help push Republicans away from Trump in 2018.

The Democrats are planning a series, including a rally on Capitol Hill in downtown Washington on Tuesday afternoon, with a similar event planned for Texas on Wednesday afternoon.

It will focus on vulnerable Republican lawmakers in the state, including state Sens.

Joe Garcia, R-Travis, and Donna Howard, R -Lubbock.

Trump’s administration has already used the Electoral Colleges to try to take back control of Congress from Democrats.

But the electoral system is not a perfect system, with some states awarding all votes to one party, or all votes in a single state to one candidate, while others award votes to multiple candidates.

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