When I was a teenager, I married a man I met through my boyfriend.

I was the only person of my age in my family to marry.

The wedding took place in an apartment complex in a middle class suburb of Delhi, surrounded by the luxury of modernism.

When I got married, my friends and I were told that the groom would be living in a rented house, in a comfortable neighbourhood.

We were promised a spacious garden, a well-equipped garden, and a swimming pool.

We also got a car.

I got a housekeeper and a maid.

We got two servants, a chauffeur and a housemaid.

All these things were promised.

The groom lived in a nice apartment.

He was very wealthy.

But when I met him, he was a humble person, a good man, a man who had worked for the government.

I did not expect that the wedding would turn into a disaster.

When the wedding day arrived, I had a feeling that I was going to be completely destroyed by my husband.

But I did nothing.

I told my friends that I would never be able to forgive my husband and we would move on.

In the morning, I woke up.

I went to the house where my husband lived, because the maid was not working.

We both went out to the car and I went into the garage.

He came back and said, “You should be married now.”

I said, Why not?

I had two children.

I would have been happy to be married.

I knew that he had no intention of marrying me.

I had no hope of getting my kids.

I wanted to live with my husband, but I could not marry him.

I didn’t even know what to say to him.

But he didn’t care about anything.

I am a strong person.

He took no notice of my feelings.

I cried and said that I wanted him to divorce me, but he just laughed at me.

He told me that I should get married and had no idea what I meant.

He did not understand my feelings and wanted to have sex with me.

After I divorced him, I went on to have a life of my own.

I have four children and six grandchildren.

After my marriage, I am living in an empty house with three dogs and a cat.

I love my children, I love them very much.

But after my divorce, I became single.

I think that I am going to die.

I wish that my children could be with me, and I could be the father of my grandchildren.

But now, I don’t even have any children.

All my children are with other women.

All the time, I feel depressed.

I feel lonely.

My husband has been living a very normal life.

I know that my life will end with my death.

But in the future, I will always be in a bad situation.

I do not know how to say this to my children: I love you, but you have to be careful.

I cannot forgive my ex-husband.

He has ruined my life.

He is the cause of my misery.

I never wanted to get married to him and he was not a nice person.

I thought that if I married him, we would be able get along.

I could live a normal life in this house, and he would not even notice me.

But my ex was not like that.

He would go to the bathroom and then come back with something new, or he would bring something out of the kitchen, or take something out and bring it back.

So I was left in the dark.

When my husband divorced me, I was still in love with him.

He said that he was happy and that he would love me forever.

I used to be very happy and had the most beautiful children.

But at the time when I was living alone, I thought I would marry him and I would do something special.

But then he started to cheat me, telling me that he wanted me to marry a guy who would help him make a fortune.

I tried to explain to him that this was wrong and that I did love him.

And I thought, What am I doing?

How can I live with this guy?

My children were so happy and my husband was so good to me.

At the time I was so happy.

I saw him on a couple of occasions.

But it did not work out.

I started to have doubts.

I began to worry about my children.

One day, my children came home and said: Mother, dad, come to the room.

I felt very guilty and scared.

They said, What is going on?

And I asked them, “Where is my dad?”

I felt guilty and embarrassed.

They told me to leave the house and that it was too late.

I asked my ex if he would come back and help me.

And he came back with my daughter and two grandchildren.

I said: Where is my mother?

And they said: Oh, she is coming with us.

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