On Feb. 1, 2017, a meteorite struck the Earth, destroying parts of the planet’s atmosphere.

The meteorite is known as a meteor.

Since then, it has taken a toll on the planet.

NASA says the space agency estimates that there were about a million more meteorites hitting Earth today than there were at the beginning of the 20th century.

This year, NASA says there were 9,000 meteorites on Earth, with an average of 2,600 every day.

So, with this number in mind, we took a look at what meteorites are and how to identify them.

Below, we take a look: Meteorite ring Meteorite rings are the largest pieces of meteorite that are created from the collision of two different meteorites.

When a meteoroid hits the Earth and breaks off the planet, its fragments scatter across the surface.

The smaller fragments hit the Earth’s surface, and are called meteorites, and the larger pieces are called mantle rocks.

They can be as small as a grain of sand, or as large as a baseball.

Meteorites can also be large, as many as 100 feet (30 meters) in diameter.

These large pieces of material can be very valuable, as they can be used to create precious materials and even jewelry.

The space agency’s Meteorite Resource Recovery Team has been collecting meteorite fragments from across the globe for more than a decade, and is now able to retrieve about 1,500 fragments each year.

Meteorite wedding rings Meteorite wedges are used to decorate wedding rings.

Meteoritic fragments can be formed when meteorites hit Earth, which creates meteorites that fall to Earth, but not into the atmosphere.

They also can be a product of meteor impacts, like when a meteor hits the earth and breaks up pieces of debris.

The rings on the wedding ring that you see above are created when a piece of meteoritic material breaks off a meteoritic fragment and lands on the Earth.

They are made of a material called molybdenum, which has a low melting point, making it difficult to melt.

The fragments are then deposited into a special type of space-grade titanium alloy called titanium nitride.

The titanium nitrides can be created by melting molyborate, a type of metal.

This material is extremely tough, so the titanium nitrues are also very durable.

Meteor ring meteorite meteorite wedge Meteorite meteorites often are found in the form of large boulders or craters, but sometimes they are found buried in the earth.

They often are called “meteorites,” because they were formed from a meteor that fell to Earth.

Because the meteorites in these meteorites come from the same meteor that broke off, they are usually similar in size.

They usually come in many different shapes, from small rocks that have the shape of a triangle to huge boulders that are up to several feet (1 meter) across.

Most meteorites fall to the Earth at about 1.3 miles (3 kilometers) above the surface, so they are very valuable to collectors of meteorites because they are often found buried deep in the Earth or in caves.

Meteor rings are typically the first item in a wedding ring collection.

Meteor-shaped rings usually are found around the base of the wedding band.

The size of the rings depends on the size of that wedding band, which is usually a size between a 1/2-inch (25 mm) to 1-inch-thick (38 mm) of metal in the center.

Meteor stones are usually small, usually smaller than 1/16-inch, and typically have a single, round-shaped ring.

Meteoroid wedding rings Many meteorite wedding bands can be found around wedding rings because meteorites don’t come from anywhere else.

They’re usually found in places like caves, mountain tops, and rocky outcroppings.

Meteor meteorites can be small or large, ranging in size from 1/10-inch to 1/100-inch.

Meteor rods Meteorite rods are pieces of metal that have been hardened to make them hard enough to bend.

Meteor rod meteorite Meteorite rod meteorites were created when pieces of a meteor hit the earth, breaking up pieces and creating meteorite shards.

Meteor stone meteorite The most common type of meteor rock is the meteorite known as the meteor stone, which can be up to 100 feet in diameter and can be carved from rocks, boulders, and even pieces of paper.

Meteor rocks are usually made of silica, which isn’t easily crushed.

Some meteorite rocks are called carbonaceous chondrites.

These are formed when the meteoritic materials from the meteor hit an area where the rock is present.

The rock can be anywhere from a few inches to hundreds of feet (15 to 100 meters) deep.

Meteorstone wedges Meteorite wedge meteorite Wedges are made from the broken-off pieces of the meteor rock

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